Pavilions & Gazebos

At KJP Sales, we offer the most innovating and well-crafted pavilions and gazebos available. Whether you are looking to enjoy your backyard more or looking for a commercial pavilion to enhance a park or public setting, we have the perfect structure for you. Our pavilions can be ordered and built to suit with custom:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Vinyl or Pressure-Treated Wood in various colors
  • Rail Styles
  • Roof Styles
  • Roofing Material & Color
  • Floor Material & Color
  • Screens or Windows
  • Benches, Ceiling Fans, Amenities

Large Pavillion Creates Inviting Space for Outdoor Gatherings

Gazebo and Pavilion


At KJP Sales, we know you have choices. We strive to deliver the highest quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability with our Pavilions and Gazebos and are particular in working with providers who have the same values.

We have sought out and work with the best suppliers in the industry, including Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture. Here are some features that separate our custom-builds from pre-fab styles you can purchase in stores:

Vinyl Pavilions and Gazebos

  • Designed and built to last for decades
  • Easy to maintain
  • Attractive & Stylish Cupolas
  • Beaded Vinyl Ceilings that enhance appearance
  • Coated stainless steel roof reinforcement plate for added support and safety
  • Vinyl clad posts to strengthen your gazebo
  • Octagon floors to enhance appeal with “20 Year VEKA” stainless still screws to stand up to the elements

Wood Pavilions and Gazebos

  • Long lasting durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound
  • Kiln dried, #1 grade lumber
  • Cedar underside sheathing to enhance aesthetics
  • Roof enforcement plates to strengthen your gazebo
  • Laminated posts for added strength and safety
  • Octagon floor plan for visual appeal